YR chelsea victor mashup
Credit: Joanna Degeneres; CBS

When battle lines are drawn, on whose side will Adam wind up standing? 

Having been kept from her son long enough, The Young and the Restless‘ Chelsea is determined to reunite with him. But there’s at least one very major roadblock standing between her and Connor, and it looks an awful lot like the most powerful man in Genoa City. While Adam’s ex-wife has pulled a con or twelve in her time, does she really think she has what it takes to go up against The Great Victor Newman?

It’s safe to say that Chelsea went a tiny bit — or maybe an awful lot — off the rails earlier this year. It’s not that she didn’t have good reason: She could tell that Adam was yet again being drawn back to the side of his favorite (blonde) ex-wife, Sharon. For a while, both Adam and Sharon denied there was anything going on, but once pictures of the kiss they’d shared went public, that got a little bit tougher.

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Still, poisoning Rey and framing Adam for the crime was taking things a bit far no matter how you slice it. When the truth came out, she and Victor put their heads together in order for Chelsea to avoid prison by instead playing crazy and being temporarily institutionalized. But in this week’s preview, seen below, Chelsea’s ready to not only get out of the hospital but reunite with her son.

That may, however, not be as easy as she’d like to believe… especially if Victor has anything to say about it. But as Connor’s mother and grandfather prepare to go up against one another, the real question will be how Adam figures into the situation. Having worked so hard to get back into his father’s good graces, will he allow Victor to make good on his threats against Chelsea? Or could the part of Adam which still loves — or at least remembers loving — Chelsea be moved to protect her from whatever plot his controlling father cooks up to keep her in line?

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If this clash of the titans comes to pass, who do you predict coming out on top? Chelsea’s got a long and storied career as a con artist, but Victor is… well, Victor! Place your metaphorical bets in the comments section, then check out the gallery below in which we look back at the long and winding road Victor’s taken since first we met him all those many years ago!