Restless Rant
Week of November 23 – 25:

Wow, only three episodes of The Young and the Restless to comment on this week! I found it to be a bit of a bleak Thanksgiving on the whole, though there were definitely some lighter moments to be found. There were some unexpected kisses this week too! Here’s how it looked from where I was sitting:

Bad Boy Syndrome: I enjoyed the scenes on Monday’s episode when Chance confronted Chloe about harboring feelings for Billy, which prompted her to go the honesty route with Mrs. C., and later with Chance himself. The trouble is, I think Chloe is trying to convince herself she’s over Billy more than anyone else – her true feelings were depicted by her actions – making excuses and walking out when things got hot and heavy with Chance. I also loved the ensuing conversation between Murphy and Katherine about ‘bad boys’, which concluded with them heading upstairs together, and Murphy hinting about having a bit of bad boy in him! Good stuff!

The Adam Weirdness Continues: How is it that Sharon is kissing a creep that tells her to put down a baby she’s holding and go home? I still can’t see Adam as anything other than a slimeball, and his lunging, eat-your-lips-off, first kiss with Sharon made me shudder. Interesting how writers teased viewers this week by having Sharon hold her baby, showing the baby then fussing for Ashley, and by having Ashley and Faith showing up at the very moment/place that Nick was grieving his loss!

No Deal: Looks like Billy’s not the only Abbott in the dumps after Nick, Jack’s last hope, turned him down on a joint business deal after learning he’d slept with Phyllis. I wasn’t surprised one bit – this is totally something that would really happen – especially when dealing with a Newman! As for Nick deliberately leaving Adam out of Katherine’s offer to the Newman family, methinks he’s in for a big shock – I suspect that Adam will wind up with plenty – thanks to Ash!

Billy’s Night Out: I wonder if this was supposed to be an indication of how far Billy has fallen – he reverts to picking up a stranger using the name ‘Liam’, only to be bested at his own game!

Chancellor Thanksgiving: I didn’t care for Chloe reading Billy the riot act about his behavior – she should at least try to act as though she doesn’t care anymore! It was really weird seeing Jill being nice to Mackenzie – I liked it though. I was impressed that the writers remembered to include a phone call from Phillip. As for Paul turning up, and ultimately sharing a smooch with Nina – I’m disappointed to say that I didn’t feel any chemistry between them – better off as friends I think…

Abbott Thanksgiving: One word – dysfunctional! I think they all should have thrown Emily out first for offering unsolicited and annoying psychiatric advice, and then had a knock-down, drag-out fight about their issues. It would have been more entertaining! Kudos to Peter Bergman for making us feel sorry for Jack – even though he brought it all on himself! Note to writers: Abby’s behavior is more like that of a twelve year-old who has experienced loss and disappointment, than that of a young woman well into her teen years. Her saucy, childish tantrums grate on the nerves!