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Bold & Beautiful star “couldn’t say no” when the Genoa City firebrand “literally accosted me in the hallway.”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofer (Quinn) was as pleasantly surprised as one could be when she was “accosted” by The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) in the CBS studios where the two soaps film. Stafford had heard about the mugs Sofer was making to raise funds to support freedom flights to bring animals safely to the United States from countries that will be subject to a ban on the rescues put into place by the CDC effective July 15 for one year.

Sofer is not at all pleased about the ban, as you will learn if you listen to the video clip in her post, which, please be warned, does contain profanity in the same vein as the mugs themselves. The sentiment, of course, is being directed at the organization that plans to prohibit the freedom flights from continuing.

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The B&B star explained that monies raised by the sale of the mugs, which she makes, will go to “my favorite Southern California rescues as well, who are struggling to save as many animals as possible in our very overcrowded shelters!”

As for her run-in with Stafford, it turns out she “demanded” four of the mugs in return for a donation to the cause, or as Sofer clarified, “Well, not demanded because she is a dear friend. But asked in her Michelle way and I couldn’t say no!”

Bold & Beautiful alum Courtney Hope, who crossed over to Young & Restless as Sally, also wanted in on the action, and jumped into Sofer’s mentions to ask, “Wait!!! I love these! How can I get one and support?” To which, Sofer replied, “Done!!!”

So, while the mugs may be not suitable for most places of work, they seem to be fine at CBS studios, which is a boon since the funds raised are for such an amazing cause.

Sofer left her followers with the important reminder, “Adopting an animal is for their life! Please be responsible and if you want an animal but can’t commit to life then think about being a foster. It really helps.” She also promised there would be more mugs, so if you want one, and would like to support her efforts, stay tuned to her Instagram.

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