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Which lucky lady should the handsome doc find love with?

Abby wasn’t the only one shocked when ex-husband Stitch suddenly appeared in Genoa City. After all, the guy has barely been mentioned since he (and portrayer Sean Carrigan) exited The Young and the Restless back in 2017… despite our near-constant pleas for his return.

Obviously, we’re thrilled to have him back… but we’d like to make one request: Please, please, please keep him out of Abby’s orbit. The couple was something of a disaster the first time around, and there’s absolutely no reason to think anything has changed.

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While Abby is currently happily married to Chance — and the two are expecting a baby via surrogate Mariah — her hubby has been away on assignment for an awfully long time. And given how dangerous the type of work he does often is, it’s not hard to imagine something going wrong. If he were to be reported dead (even mistakenly so), Abby would need someone to turn to. And there, conveniently enough, is ex-husband Stitch.

The story practically writes itself.

But if we’re being honest, it’s not the story we want to see. For one thing, it’s predictable. “Oh, of course Stitch is going to reconnect with Abby. Why else would he be there?”

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But Stitch is a character with so much potential that the world — or at least Genoa City — should be his oyster. He’s a doctor, so he might easily find himself working with (and drawn to) Elena. Close your eyes and picture it… pretty easy, right?

Of course, what we’d truly love to see is for Abby’s mom, Ashley to return, perhaps to help her daughter through the final months of her pregnancy, and reconnect with Stitch. Longtime viewers will recall that Ashley had a tough time tamping down her desires where her son-in-law were concerned. How would Abby feel if this time around, Ashley and Stitch allowed themselves to fall in love? Could she be happy for them… or would that notorious green-eyed monster rear its ugly head?

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And let’s not forget that for a time, Victoria and Stitch were quite the hot item. In fact, there was a time when the Newman beauty was unsure whether he or Billy had fathered Katie. While secrets from his past eventually tore Stitch and Victoria apart, there’s no reason that they couldn’t rekindle that long-ago spark!

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Truth be told, there are endless storyline and romantic possibilities open to Stitch, which is why the last thing we want is for the writers to simply use him as a placeholder in Abby’s storyline until the seemingly inevitable return of Chance. Although Carrigan’s reportedly only returned for a “story arc,” we can’t help hoping that the show will see just how much potential this character has and keep him around for the long haul this time.

What about you? Are you as into the idea of Stitch sticking around as we are… and with whom do you see him romantically paired? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, then — since we’re all clearly in the mood for love — check out this photo gallery in which we revisit 30 of our favorite soap opera couples.