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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, CBS screenshot

If the Emmy nominee was glowing as she walked the red carpet — and she was — it was because “I have a lot of makeup on,” joked the mom-to-be.

There was something different about Melissa Claire Egan as she made her way down the Daytime Emmys red carpet ahead of Friday’s broadcast (airing on CBS at 8/7c). Was it how lovely she looked? No, she’s always a knockout. Was it the stylish sheath that the Young & Restless nominee wore? Nah, she tends to be as fashionable as Chelsea. Ah, yes, we know what it was!

“It’s a new accessory,” she told’s Kristyn Burtt, patting her tummy. “In 15 years of [going to the] Emmys, I’ve never had to find a dress to cover my bump!”

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As challenges go, that was about as delightful as they come. And, as she and husband Matt Katrosar were counting down to their baby boy’s arrival at the end of August, Egan couldn’t help but recall that “the road to get here was really rough, but once I was [pregnant], it’s been a breeze, knock on wood.

“I really had a very easy pregnancy,” she added. No weird cravings, no morning sickness — nothing.

Trickier was the epic scene in which Chelsea confessed to poisoning Rey in so maniacal a fashion that she deliberately got herself committed to a mental institution. (If it doesn’t earn Egan another Emmy nomination in 2022, we’ll eat our hat!) “It was probably the most dialogue I ever had in one day in 15 years of doing soaps,” she admitted. To be sure that she gave the kind of performance that wowed even Eric Braeden (Victor), “I just studied a lot sooner [than I normally would], and then you just kinda go for it. 

“We get one take on soaps, so it was all one take,” she continued. “I think one scene was like a five-page monologue. [In the end,] you just hope not not let anybody down and get fired.”

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