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Never have we wanted to crash a lunch more! 

It seemed like old times when, while scrolling through Instagram on June 17, we came across a video of Lauralee Bell sitting at an outdoor restaurant. “So I’m here having a little lunch with my friends,” she shared before turning to the person next to her and asking, “What are you having?”

Slowly lowering the menu that had been blocking her face, we saw Tricia Cast, who furrowed her brow. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “What is he having?”

Continuing to pan left, the camera next landed on Doug Davidson… hoisting a glass of wine and smiling broadly as he quipped, “I’m having what you’re having!”

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Suddenly, the trio — who of course play The Young and the Restless’ Christine, Nina and Paul — weren’t the only ones smiling. As Bell captioned the photo, “After a year and a half, the gang is reunited.”


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It would be impossible to overstate just how happy fans were to see the longtime favorites enjoying what Bell called “the best lunch ever.”

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The good times didn’t stop there, however. “Oh wait… more fun was had!” Bell captioned a second video in which the longtime pals jumped on a nearby swingset and unleashed their inner children. (You don’t know the definition of joyful until you hear the laugh unleashed by Cast after she glances over at Davidson, whose face is a portrait of childlike glee.)


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It was yet another reminder, as if one was needed, of just how beloved the three actors and their Genoa City counterparts truly are. Poster after poster begged for a storyline which would reunite them on screen… which is exactly what we expect will happen when we suggest you hit the comments section below to share your thoughts on the happy-making reunion. Then, take a look at the gallery below in which we offer up a few storyline ideas featuring Davidson’s Paul and the women in his life!