Summer watches Tara Y&R
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Ashland warned them about Tara and they didn’t listen.

In a special Young & Restless preview, Tara is ready to fight for her next family. Read on to find out the details.

As the truth about Kyle and Tara’s affair began to unfold, and even before Ashland knew the truth about Harrison, he warned Jack that he and his family had no idea who they were really dealing with when it came to his estranged wife. Now they are about to find out!

Sally had previously approached Tara about the idea of teaming up to get rid of Summer, but Tara appeared to turn her offer down at the time. That didn’t stop Sally from seeking out Eric Forrester and lining up a hot job with a fashion house in Italy for Summer. Sally then played it off as if she was going for the job, lost it, and told Summer that her name had come up as a candidate.

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This week the circumstances drastically changed when Ashland revealed he had terminal lung cancer and six months to live and wasn’t about to spend what time he had left playing games. Unless this is one of his games, which has crossed many viewers’ minds. As he revealed the news to Tara and Kyle, including that he’d be reorganizing his will, the wheels in Tara’s head began to spin.

Summer has always felt uneasy with Tara in the picture, and she even convinced Kyle to fast-track their wedding. Well, now it’s Tara’s turn to up her game. In this preview for Friday’s episode, apparently armed with intel from Sally, Tara plays her hand and tries to strong-arm Summer into leaving the country, using Kyle and Harrison’s relationship to do so.

Let us know if you think Summer will, even temporarily, step out of the picture. Or will she fight Tara for Kyle and her own future?

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