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Sutton Ames clearly has something to hide… perhaps a murder?

Amanda’s family has gone off the rails on Young & Restless! The more she pushed for the logical — and winning — defense strategy of creating reasonable doubt in her grandfather’s case by showing that her father, Richard Nealon, had a legitimate reason to have contacted him, the more adamant Sutton became that they would not go down that road. Which, in soap speak, and in real life too for that matter, amounts to a huge red flag!

Clearly, Sutton Ames has something to hide that goes much deeper than covering up a past pregnancy scandal… perhaps a murder? Ames may be telling the truth when he claims he didn’t kill Richard Nealon, but something tells us if he didn’t do it himself he knows who did — and therein lies the cover-up and the truth he’s so desperately trying to keep hidden.

It seems obvious that someone in the family found out that Richard’s private investigator had managed to locate Baby Amanda, and that his death handily prevented him from keeping the meeting with the foster family.

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Did Sutton kill Richard? Did he have Naya’s husband Paul Benedict do it? Was Naya herself responsible for the murder and blocked it out after the fact? Perhaps Sutton is trying to keep her from finding out the truth and being prosecuted.

One thing is certain, the family secret is bound to be exposed now that Amanda has quit the case, put Denise Tolliver in charge of finding out what happened to her father, and the threats and warnings are flying!

Amanda would be devastated to learn that one of her newfound family members murdered her father and it would leave her back where she started… without kin once again. Unless the shocker left someone, also upset by the revelation, aligned with her. Perhaps Imani? She genuinely seems to want to connect with her older sister even though Amanda’s uneasy about trusting her.

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Who do you think killed Amanda’s father? How do you think this story will play out? Let us know after looking back on Devon and Hilary’s love story in the photo gallery below.

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