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For a Newman, Locke’s terminal illness screams ‘opportunity’, but is it all a game of cat and mouse?

Sure, Young & Restless’ Victoria is attracted to Ashland, but his empire may prove to be that which is truly irresistible… especially now that she has, shall we say, inside information.

Not gonna’ lie — we’ve been riveted to Victoria and Ashland’s scenes — they just “get” each other, and the resulting banter, combined with their sexual chemistry, is something that fans have been starved for on the soap. Now that he’s shared the shocking reveal that he’s been told he has terminal lung cancer and only six months to live, there are several ways this could play out.

After Ashland broke the unexpected news to Victoria, the pair did a flirtatious verbal “dance” that could have ended up between the sheets, but was all the more compelling because it didn’t, and left us wanting more. Equally intriguing was the next development — as soon as Victoria was alone, she got on her laptop and her phone to start gathering information on Locke Communications Group.

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Victoria’s move certainly upped the ante on this cat and mouse game, if that’s what it is (and we kinda’ hope it is!). It’s delicious to think that Locke has anticipated this would be her move. Clearly, he and Victoria very much alike, and as Ashland told Victor after he forced him to sign a contract under duress — he’d have done the same thing.

“Taking it slow” is undoubtedly a double-entendre with these two, as business is never far from their minds even as they entertain the idea of becoming lovers. Indeed, for Victoria and Ashland, the corporate skullduggery may all be a part of their foreplay.
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Are Victoria’s corporate moves an aphrodisiac?

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With Ashland having voiced his expectation that Harrison, his only heir, will grow up to inherit his opportunities through the Abbotts and Newmans, where does that leave Locke Communications Group? If Ashland is actually dying, he has no one to leave his company to, even in the distant future. Does he see Victoria as potentially the person to run it as he would have once he’s gone? Is that why he chose to open up to her even though she’s a veritable stranger and set her on this inevitable course? Perhaps Vikki making her inquiries was exactly what he hoped she would do to prove his instincts about her were correct.

Conversely, Ashland may not be terminally ill at all and might be testing her to see if she’ll take advantage, and/or even hoping she’ll discreetly spread the word so that everyone lets down their guard where he’s concerned, as part of some grand plan.

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Of course there’s also a scenario where Ashland hasn’t anticipated this move by Victoria. Regardless, she’s truly being her father’s daughter by eyeing his company at this particular time. Would Victor’s mind turn to such things despite having sympathy for a dying mogul? Damn straight it would.

Neither Victoria or Ashland seem like the “whirlwind romance” type, but we’d like to see them fall for each other in the brief time he apparently has left and even tie the knot on his deathbed, so she inherits his empire. That would be a best case scenario for our money, although bittersweet.

What are your thoughts on Ashland and Victoria’s storyline? Let us know after taking a moment to look back on Victoria’s past love interests in the photo gallery below.

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