YR Shocked collage
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (1); CBS screenshot (3)

It seems the two soaps are more connected than we knew!

As shocking twists go, it wasn’t exactly on par with Sheila Carter “dying” on The Young and the Restless only to be resurrected on The Bold and the Beautiful. But when Kyle took son Harrison to the park and wound up bonding with a guy named Danny, we hit the rewind button and said, “Hold up… was that… ?”

As it turns out, it was.

YR Kyle Danny park keith carlos crossover

For those who didn’t pick up on the subtle crossover, let us explain: We knew that the episode airing on June 14 would include Young & Restless‘ Sally paying a visit to her former Bold & Beautiful boss Eric. The crossover made total sense, what with Sally hatching yet another scheme to get rival Summer out of the picture. (Why she’s so determined to do so, we’re not really sure at this point, but that’s a topic for another day!)

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What we weren’t expecting was that when Kyle and Harrison went to play in the park, the new father would start up a conversation with Danny… who happens to be a bartender at Bold & Beautiful‘s Bikini Beach Club. Coincidentally, the episode aired almost exactly three years after portrayer Keith Carlos served his first cocktail on Young & Restless’ sister soap on June 15, 2018.

bold danny sally wyatt bikini beach bar

But here’s the thing: Given that the world of soaps is not one in which coincidences take place, we can’t help wanting to know more about Danny’s connection to the small Wisconsin town. He told Kyle that he was visiting his parents, but who might they be?

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Could hospitality run in the family, with the Bikini bartender sharing a familiar tie to our favorite green-preferring Grand Phoenix employee? Could Amanda and her late sister Hilary have been not twins but triplets, with Danny rounding out the trio? And what of Danny’s son, KJ? Who is the boy’s mom… and in which soap town does she reside?

Questions, we’ve got questions… including, “Was this really nothing more than a fun little wink and we’ve got too much time on our hands?” What do you say, CBS soap fans? Share your musings and theories in the comments section below, then check out our photo gallery of characters who, like Danny, have jumped from one show to another.