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Will the reformed playboy yet again put someone else’s needs above those of his fiancée?

While The Young and the Restless‘ Summer has decided that she and Kyle should move forward with their plan to tie the knot, something tells us that while a wedding will soon take place, she won‘t be the bride!

From the moment Theo first mentioned that there was a a living, breathing memento of Kyle’s summertime fling out there, we knew two things: The child and his mom would show up in Genoa City, and their arrival would rock Kyle and Summer’s love boat, big time.

Even we, however, couldn’t have predicted that within days of Harrison’s arrival, the tyke would be calling Kyle “Daddy” and living in the Abbott mansion! Summer’s been looking a lot like the proverbial deer in the headlights as her attempts to support Kyle have seemingly set in motion events which could push her right out of the picture.

Why do we say that? Because when Ashland said he’d share custody of Harrison with Tara on the condition that Kyle stay out of the kid’s life, Jack’s son reacted exactly as you’d expect.

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“I would never get to see my son again,” Kyle said as the reality sank in. “No contact of any kind. I’d miss out on his whole life. Everything. Now that I’ve met Harrison and he knows I’m his dad, I know there’s no way I could do that.”

Summer, that sound you heard in the background? The nail being driven into the coffin containing the plans for your wedding. Because we suspect that while Kyle will soon be walking down the aisle, the person waiting for him at the altar will be Tara.

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Oh, not because he’s suddenly fallen for her questionable charms but rather in order to both secure his place in Harrison’s life and help her win custody of the adorable moppet. Love will have nothing to do with it…

At least not at first. But you know as well as we do how these things go. What starts as a marriage of convenience suddenly becomes extremely inconvenient for the person left waiting on the sidelines.

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Is Summer headed for heartbreak as she yet again has to watch Kyle take another woman as his bride? Or might Tara and Kyle figure out another way to deal with Ashland? Before hitting the comments with your thoughts about what’s about to go down, check out the gallery below which looks at the long, bumpy road Summer and Kyle have been on for years. It might just provide clues as to whether they’re headed for Happyville or another detour!