Adam apologizes to Chelsea at mental hospital Y&R
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Billy is onto Victor’s latest game move.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of June 7 – 11, Kyle’s drama with Tara and Ashland continues, and Adam has a big problem. Read on to find out what else is happening next week.

After Kyle revealed to Ashland that he was actually Harrison’s father, Kyle stepped up to be a true dad to the boy. Not only did this cause Summer to worry about Kyle making a happy little family with Tara and Harrison, but Ashland was determined to make sure he was never replaced in the boy’s life. Kyle was left stunned when Tara considered taking Ashland’s offer to share joint custody, on the condition that Kyle had no part in Harrison’s life.

Next week, Kyle does his best to make Tara see that the judge could very easily side with her. However, Tara is right to be worried because we don’t think viewers have even begun to see how dirty Ashland can play if pushed. There is also that looming warning from Ashland to Jack that he has no idea what’s it’s like to really deal with Tara.

After running another exposé, this one on how Victor forced Ashland to sign over his company in the midst of a heart attack, Victor promised to strike back. Billy knows it’s coming and tells Victoria that Victor is plotting his next move against him. Billy’s brilliant exposés seem to cause more trouble than do any good, and we can’t wait to see what Victor has planned… and what Billy does — if anything — to counter his move.

Finally, Summer and Nick watch as Rey and Adam have words. It’s safe to say these two will never be friends or see common ground, and Adam really has an issue with Rey’s actions where Chelsea is concerned.

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