Sharon Case, Mark Grossman Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The actress’ glimmering accessory kicked off a flurry of speculation.

During a recent celebration for Young & Restless production coordinator Laura Walsh, who was marking her incredible 20-year anniversary with the No. 1 soap opera, a curious thing came to light in a group photo shared by Melissa Ordway (Abby).

In fact, this unexpected item was positively glimmering in the light…

Other cast members included in the shot were Hunter King (Summer), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), who was posing seductively with a slice of pizza — look out, Ashland Locke! — and Sharon Case (Sharon), who was looking every bit her gorgeous self in a casual jeans and tank but sporting a shiny accessory that particularly drew the eye… a ring. And a real rock at that. A ring with a capital R, if you will.

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Eagle-eyed Young & Restless followers were quick to notice that not only was she wearing this ring, but it was on her left hand, which set off a flurry of speculation in the comment section below as to whether or not Case and Mark Grossman (Adam), an off-screen item, had gotten engaged.

While such an announcement would be thrilling — we love our real-life Young & Restless couples — we caution that nothing is official. We thought we’d share the photo, though, so you can see for yourself.

Heinle also shared another group photo from what looked like a very fun celebration for Walsh, who we’d like to thank for helping to produce one of our favorite things on a daily basis for two marvelous decades. Heinle’s message read, “Happy 20 years on the show, Laura Walsh! You are dear to all of us!”

Before you go, take a peek at the fabulousness of Case’s hottest red-carpet looks in the photo gallery below.

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