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“Hi, Mom, I see you!” 

Regular readers know that Young & Restless alum Shemar Moore had a very special relationship with his mom… and that it did not end with her passing in February of 2020. Instead, she remains a steady presence in his mind and heart, even seeming to occasionally send her beloved son messages.

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Take, for example, the Instagram message and photo he shared on May 26. “This stone at my feet,” he captioned the picture, “is placed in the exact spot where my mother stood… on the night I signed the offer for my new home. It was the last time I saw her in person. She called me to that spot and said those words to me… ‘This house is my son’s home.'”


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Why was he now standing in that same spot, reflecting? “Last night,” he wrote, “I was staring at the sky hoping to see the full moon lunar eclipse, but the clouds covered the moon so I couldn’t see it. Instead, I saw one lone, bright star shining through the clouds.”

Looking back upon his childhood, the S.W.A.T. star recalled that when he was younger, “my mother would call me her little Buddha Belly because I was a lil’ fatty. As I got older, she called me her Boo.”

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If you’re failing to make the connection, look closer, because it is literally written in the stars. Moore explained that there is an app which, when aimed at the stars, tells you the name and location of the heavenly bodies. “I aimed my phone at that lone star,” he says, “and the name of that particular star just so happened to be the Boo star.

“Hi, Mom,” he ended the post. “I see you.” And we have absolutely no doubt that she sees her son, and is proud of his many successes.

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