Jack, Phyllis, Gloria, Tara next love Y&R
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We can totally see Jack falling for this woman and repeating old patterns.

Call us crazy, but sometimes when two characters share scenes, or are thrown into a situation together, you just know it’s the perfect set-up for romance to blossom. Whether it’s one-sided, opportunistic, or genuine is beside the point… if the characters involved are throwing that vibe, it’s a no-brainer. Young & Restless viewers, astutely, noticed this very thing when Jack moved Tara into the Abbott mansion…

SOAPS message board poster, Canukfan, mused, “When I saw Jack and Tara together, I thought they would make a great pairing… Jack going against Locke in a battle would be good also.” While a few responders found the idea a bit of a turn-off, Dawn888 chimed in, “I loved their chemistry together so I’d be fine with it. Smilin’ Jack is back.” Ellen61 was also on board: “I agree. They looked good together. I can definitely see it going this way,” but wasn’t without concerns, and added, “Right now I do not trust Tara at all.”

Of course it would be beyond complicated given that Tara had an affair with Jack’s son, who may or may not have fathered a child with her (DNA paternity test confirmation can never be trusted on a soap opera), but it would be far from the first time a woman became involved with more than one man from the same family on Young & Restless. It’s practically business as usual.

More importantly, we can totally see Jack falling for her. He’s already taken on somewhat of a protective role where Harrison and Tara are concerned, and he’s notoriously prone to falling for women he’s in close proximity with, as well as having a particular knack for going head over heels for those who are shifty or who might have an agenda.

No one has Tara figured out quite yet, but there’s every chance she’s up to something, and if she has an agenda, it may very well — at least in part — have to do with snagging an Abbott man. One good way to accomplish that would be to flatter and flirt with Jack whilst under his roof — especially if she realizes can’t make in-roads with Kyle.

While viewers were having trouble imaging Kyle and Tara as lovers, with Jack there’s no issue; she’s more his speed and the way their scenes have played so far, it’s no stretch at all to imagine them spending more and more time together and eventually becoming involved.

Of course, if Tara has her sights set on Kyle, the Jack angle may never play out. Or if it turns out down the road that she changed the paternity results and is yet another manipulator, it could mean more heartbreak for Jack… but at least there might be some much-needed romance and drama along the way.

Can you imagine Jack falling for Tara? Let us know in the comment section, but first, take a look back at Peter Bergman as Jack over the years in the photo gallery below.

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