Restless Rant
Week of November 16 – 20:

It’s been a relatively low-key week on The Young and the Restless, but definitely a solid one. For those of us who don’t watch the show for one particular character or couple, it’s been enjoyable to have the canvas shared by a wide variety of characters and storylines. The type of stories being told are much to my preference, although some seem to be finding it dull after the very dramatic and dark stories being told a month or two ago. I’ll take love, family, and business tales any day, although I think the recent business-related scenes have been a huge snore – and probably the biggest reason the show has seemed boring at times – the writers need to step it up in the boardroom! Let’s take a look at the week:

Daniel and Amber Wedding: As with most Y&R gatherings, I loved the interaction between characters, the one-liners, and the random weirdness – Murphy and the square dancing, and Lauren being gifted with a rat! The reactions of Lauren and Michael were great, as was that of Jana, local predictor of doom – too funny! The romantic scenes this week between Daniel and Amber were good – and their makeshift honeymoon in the apartment was quirky – just like them.

The Rat: Obviously Ryder’s mother, or whoever is pulling the strings, was behind the rat incident. There were good scenes with the tension surrounding Michael/Lauren/Ryder, but Kevin is on my last nerve blindly defending Ryder at every turn – real people have an ability to see both sides of an issue! I can’t help but wish that they’d hurry things along though – it’s difficult to engage with a story when you don’t know all the players and their motivations!

Billy/Mac Split:
This is really giving fuel to Billy’s ‘life struggle’ storyline, as well as adding an extra element of interest to the Lily/Cane story. I wonder if Mac is really doing the surrogacy for the reasons she claims, or if she sub-consciously wanted to force the issue of her and Billy’s differences. Where it falls flat for me is in trying to feel anything during the scenes where Billy is pining for Mac and their past together – I never felt any chemistry, nor any interest in this couple, so his onscreen angst over the break-up isn’t making me feel a thing, when it should be.

Cane/Lily: I totally understand why no one wants to rain on Lily’s parade as far as having a baby right away is concerned (as Chance stated, it’s life-affirming), but I think it should give her pause that she’s planning for the possibility of her own death at the same time! Also, what if Mac doesn’t conceive after Lily’s got her hopes up? It seems like Lily is becoming a little obsessive about this, and that’s never, ever good…

Mac/Lily: The cure for insomnia.

I enjoyed their little adversarial scene outside the Chancellor Estate this week. It really reminded me how dynamic the character of Cane can be when he steps outside of his romance.

Chance/Chloe: I’m definitely a fan of their romance at this point – although I do feel that Billy and Chloe are the money couple in the long run. Chance is strong and safe. Who didn’t want to climb into that bed beside him and curl up in his arms this week? By the way, how funny was Chance propped up in bed doing quizzes in the fashion magazines with Chloe – love those ‘extras’ they put into the scenes! Knowing that Chloe will never feel the same passion for Chance that she does for Billy keeps me guarded from investing too heavily in this couple though. What I am invested in is this triangle – the actors become their characters onscreen and there is chemistry all around.