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One look at the video that the actor shared, and it’s clear: “Light up a room” was probably an understatement.

We all have that person in our lives, don’t we? The one that we can’t so much as think of without smiling… the one whose call raises our spirits and whose presence brightens our day…

For Christian Jules LeBlanc, that friend seemed to be Pat Kourafas, whose passing he disclosed on social media on May 12. “She knew how to light up a room!” exclaimed the Young & Restless star. “Auntie Pat has left the building at 94 years young!”

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Along with his post, Michael’s portrayer shared a delightful video of himself and Pat taking a joyride in a motorized wheelchair that they had sorta repurposed as their own personal Mardi Gras float. (You can watch it below.) “I call shotgun!” he wrote. “Anytime! Anyplace!”

Cleverly, the song that LeBlanc used with his clip was “Freeway of Love” by the late, great Aretha Franklin — as you probably know, a big fan of the soap.

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In closing his spirited farewell to Kourafas, the Daytime Emmy winner offered up his wish that she “rest in joy! Queen!” We have a feeling she’ll not only do that, she’ll make heaven a whole lot more fun.

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