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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Viewers weren’t the only ones impressed by Melissa Claire Egan’s performance of Chelsea’s confession.

Better start polishing an Emmy for The Young and the Restless MVP Melissa Claire Egan. After she didn’t just knock it out of the park, she knocked it clear out of the county during Chelsea’s admission of guilt in Rey’s poisoning, the five-time nominee is a shoo-in to win.

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Even Eric Braeden, who plays her coconspirator Victor, was bowled over by his co-star’s bravura work — and he’d known what to expect when he tuned in. She “did a wonderful job today!” he exclaimed on Twitter. “I knew it when we filmed it.

“But,” he added, “seeing it on screen just confirmed it even more! That was a very difficult scene to pull off so believably, so honestly!”


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Amen to that. As Egan performed for the audience, Chelsea put on a show for Rey and Michael. One minute, she was going from desperate to diabolical; the next, from wronged to righteous; the one after that, from crazy-smart to just plain crazy — all within the context of a “confession” to what Adam had driven her to do because she’d “had the audacity to not be Sharon.”


Not to put too fine a point on it, Egan was thrilling to watch, her star turn a throwback to what most viewers would consider daytime’s glory days. “I loved watching her do it!” exclaimed Braeden.

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Us, too, Mr. B. Us, too. In honor of Egan’s stunning accomplishment, why not peruse the below photo gallery of men with whom Chelsea could move on from Adam? Because let’s be real: Whether he reunited with Sharon (more on that here), “Chadam” is, at least for the moment, finito.