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Kyle’s world is about to be rocked… how far will he go to protect Summer?

The Young and the Restless’ Summer has been perusing bridal magazines, Kyle has asked Mariah to be his ‘best person’, and the drama with the Lockes is in the rearview mirror. With Jack set to host an engagement party for Summer and Kyle (which, in the soap world means the nuptials are imminent), it appears all systems are a go as they gear up for their dream wedding. But complications are looming…

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After weathering divorces, family crises, and Kyle’s secret from the past, the couple known to Young & Restless fans as “Skyle” seem to have emerged from it all stronger than ever with Summer electing to stand by her man even when they discovered that he had a child with another woman. They faced the threat presented by Sally together, and although Ashland Locke took a swipe at Jabot, a heart attack scare soon afterward seemed to mellow the aforementioned monster, who retreated to New York and even offered to cut a deal with the Abbotts after all. So it’s smooth sailing from here on out… right?

Perhaps not. Young & Restless spoilers hint that something is about to go down that will turn Kyle’s world upside-down, and we have to wonder if it will be significant enough that Summer and Kyle will be forced to call off, or at least postpone, their wedding plans.

It’s practically a given that Ashland Locke hasn’t so much as retreated, but has gone back to New York to regroup. In fact, given his fearsome rep, and the fact that he was bested by Victor while under duress, we fully expect him to redouble his efforts to take down those who have wronged him in Genoa City. Interestingly, he may have used Tara, and Kyle’s trust for her, to set him up for whatever is coming. After all, it was Tara who approached Kyle to allay his concerns about his family business and paved the way for her husband to get his hooks into the company by assuring her ex-lover that the Locke Ness Monster had changed.
Tara, Kyle trust Y&R

Was Summer right to question Kyle’s trust in Tara?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Tara had previously warned Kyle that Ashland used such deals to get inside the target company and discover its vulnerabilities, which he could then use to his advantage in, let’s say, a hostile takeover scenario, for example. Eek.

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Kyle’s world would definitely be rocked if Jabot was in imminent danger of a takeover, in fact, Locke might even manage to get the upper hand to the point where he could fire him.

Kyle is also vulnerable on a personal front because of Harrison. If Ashland has learned that Kyle is the boy’s father, what hell might he unleash then? And what lengths will Kyle go to in order to protect Summer from his wrath? If she was threatened would he end their engagement if it meant keeping her out of the line of fire? It’s not like that hasn’t happened on a soap before.

It’s safe to assume that whatever is about to turn Kyle’s world upside-down will have something to do with the Lockes. The question is whether or not the new development will interfere with Summer and Kyle’s plans to marry or just cause a major distraction.

What do you think will go down? Let us know in the comment section after reliving Summer and Kyle’s engagement in the photo gallery below.

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