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Don’t worry; the Emmy winner didn’t let anyone rain on her parade.

As the US celebrated Mother’s Day Sunday, Michelle Stafford did what a whole lotta folks did, giving a shout-out to her mom on social media. “My mama is the greatest,” she wrote. “She puts all others to shame. I am lucky. So lucky to have her.

“My kids,” she went on, “are so lucky to have her as a grandmother.”

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But then, the Young & Restless actress had to amend her message. “OK,” she said, “so after a few super uncool comments, I wrote this… By the by, ‘put to shame’ is a saying like, ‘My mom is the best mom in the world.’

“Please, all you super literal fools… I mean, you would probably say, ‘Don’t say yours is the best in the world! What about the other mothers out there!’ I mean… please,” she continued. “I can’t. And quite honestly… yes, my mom puts even me to shame.”


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Phyllis’ portrayer wasn’t just blowing smoke, either; she was ready to give receipts. “She single-handedly has saved the lives of many — among other great things. So get over yourself,” the Emmy winner said. And while you’re at it, “don’t write something nasty on this post, just unfollow me as I’ve already blocked like 30 people…

“And Happy Mother’s Day,” she concluded.


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Hey, who among us isn’t grateful to have a mom who’s willing to stand her ground? On your way to the comments to roll your eyes at those who didn’t understand Stafford’s original message, stop off at the below photo gallery, a collection of images of soaps’ all-time best — and worst — mothers.