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He’s said it before, he’ll say it again: Doug Davidson should still be front and center as Paul Williams.

On May 7, The Young and the Restless leading man Eric Braeden (Victor) once again added his voice to the chorus of fans’ demanding that fellow Emmy winner Doug Davidson be returned to the spotlight as Paul.

You may recall that in March, Davidson shared his frustration with the situation, tweeting that “I think I am done. After 43 years, I am treated like a day player. No bueno.”

Braeden agreed that that was no good, reminding fans on Friday that “I have been in Dougie Davidson’s corner for years!

“I think it is utterly wrong that he isn’t involved in storylines!” added the daytime icon. “He is one of the all-time favorites on our soap and should bloody well be an important part of it!”

Eric Braeden, Doug Davidson at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Eric Braeden Starring on The Young and the Restless on the set at CBS Television City on February 7, 2020 © Jill Johnson/ 310-657-9661

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As if that emotion needed seconding, fans then chimed in, saying, in essence, “Hell yeah!” It is not only bewildering but upsetting to them that Davidson is no longer in the thick (or even the thin) of things.

For his part, Davidson himself wrote to Braeden, “Thank you, my friend. You are so incredibly kind.” (He later returned to Twitter with a message for Victor’s portrayer — in his estimation, the show’s “true leader”; you can read it here.)

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If anyone needs reminding of what a pivotal role Davidson and Paul have played in the history of The Young and the Restless, you’ll find it in the below photo gallery. It revisits the actor’s entire run on the show, from Paul’s days as a libidinous beach bum to his evolution into Genoa City’s go-to crime-solver.