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The businesswoman hoped that she and her favorite former husband could turn back time, but it insisted on marching forward. Now what?

You know how thrilled The Young and the Restless’ Victor Newman will be to learn that “Billy Boy” Abbott will soon be playing house with Lily Winters and not his own daughter, Victoria? Well, that’s about how bummed Victoria is going to be when she finds out.

Mind you, it didn’t make a whole lotta sense to us that, outta nowhere, Victoria would decide that she wanted to reunite with her fifth husband. (We had an altogether different idea for her.) But decide it, she did nonetheless, throwing herself at her ex with open arms and hearts in her eyes.

So what that Billy was happily involved in an ever-deepening relationship with his soon-to-be live-in lover. Victoria wanted what she wanted, and dang it, she was going to go after it. Now, of course, the question is, will Lily and Billy’s shared address inspire Victoria to see him as another woman’s property (so to speak), or will she just intensify her efforts to make their history repeat itself?

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Though spoilers for Friday, May 21, have us thinking that she may seize a new opportunity to insinuate herself into Billy’s life, our hope for the character is that she’ll take stock, leave well enough alone and realize that she’s Victoria freakin’ Newman — in other words, a dynamic, beautiful powerhouse. She may want a man, but she sure as Sheena Easton doesn’t need one. Then, just as she’s fully gotten her groove back, she… naturally… meets a new fella, preferably one whose baggage fits in an overhead compartment.

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Shouldn’t Victoria well and truly give up on Billy and move on? On your way to the comments, ponder her romantic future by reviewing her romantic past via our brand-new photo gallery of Victoria’s loves over the years.