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We can only imagine how bittersweet the get-together must have been.

There can’t be many things in life more heartbreaking than seeing a loved one suffer. You want to be there for them, to help if you can, to brighten their day — but sometimes you can’t tell if you are doing any good.

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Sadly, we have a feeling that Eric Braeden can relate. On May 4, the Young & Restless legend tweeted that he’d paid a visit to his “oldest friend, Professor Michael Meyer!”

It wasn’t just a casual coffee, though, or a night of laughter and reminiscing while watching a boxing match. The professor, the Emmy winner explained, has both “vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s — two awful conditions!”

Still, the actor who plays the great Victor Newman tried his best to reach Meyer. “I talked to him about our times when we won the US National Championship,” wrote Braeden. “Don’t know if any of it registered.”

The encounter, poignant as it must have been, seemed to leave the actor reflective — and grateful for his good health. “Count your blessings!” he advised his followers in concluding his post. Which is a good idea no matter what.

If after reading this somber post, you need a little pick-me-up, perhaps you can find it in the below photo gallery, a collection of highlights from Braeden’s epic run as the one and only Victor Newman.