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The actress came upon a message on May 1: “I hope you know how loved you are.” It was apropos.

Hunter King has long worked to be open about her struggles with mental health. And on May 1, she pushed herself once again not to stuff down her feelings. “Depression,” she shared via Instagram, “[bleeps] with your head…

“It tells you you aren’t good enough, that you’re a burden, that you’re alone,” she continued. “At least that’s what it tells me. It sucks.”

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Because those false impressions make it all the harder to reach out when one needs to. “I know it can be really hard to be honest about our mental health, especially if we feel embarrassed about our struggles,” said the actress, Summer on The Young and the Restless, “but my hope is that the more we talk about it, the less alone people will feel.”

The Emmy winner then gave a shout-out to the people in her life that encourage her to speak her truth, however challenging that may be. “I’m thankful for my friends and family that push me to talk about things that are hard,” she said. “It’s important to not keep it all in.”

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With that, she sent a message to her fans that echoed the one that she saw in the street. “Just know you’re not alone,” she concluded, “and that you’re loved.”

If you should happen to need a smile today, perhaps you can find it in the below photo gallery, a collection of outtakes and bloopers from what were meant to be super-serious soap shoots.