Faith hospital Y&R
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Jack gets an earful while eavesdropping.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of April 26 – 30, Victor is irritated as usual, and Nick seeks help for Faith. Read on for the whole preview.

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Victor has worked diligently to secure Ashland Locke’s company for Adam to run, going so far as to force the mogul to sign a contract turning it over to him in exchange for calling 911 while the guy was having a heart attack! However Adam’s on the run, and knowing his son is innocent when it comes to poisoning Rey, Victor is getting testy by the fact that the cops haven’t busted Chelsea. Victor warns Michael in this preview, “The longer this goes on, the more damage it does to our family and our reputation, and I won’t have that. Make sure that he finds the culprit.” Is he talking about Adam, or could it be Amanda’s looking into her biological father’s death, which is somehow tied to someone at Newman? Victor sure has a lot of fires to put out! it could be either one, but we think this is about his number one priority as always… Adam!

Jack and Kyle have been putting out fires at Jabot, which they are pretty sure Ashland started as payback for Kyle’s affair with Tara. After Ashland’s heart attack, Tara had an idea that could possibly help Jabot and Kye out. However, this leads to Summer and Kyle arguing over whether she can be trusted. As Jack listens in, he learns Tara has lied to Kyle before and wonders what about. That would be Harrison, his grandson. Will Kyle come clean with his father? Eventually, but we don’t think it will be this week. First, they have to deal with saving Jabot.

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And Faith’s run of bad luck and bad decisions continues. Nick approaches Elena because he needs a doctor’s help. What’s wrong? Only that Faith passed out and they have no idea why! Could she be turning to other substances, or is this trauma related to her accident just now showing itself? And if so, could this bring Rey and Sharon back together?

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