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It would be a twist — and a knife to the heart — that Elena never saw coming.

Elena cheated on Devon with his cousin, Nate, and later cheated on Nate with Devon. Though she’s beat herself up about it, and ended up single — and miserable — as a result, we can’t help but wonder if the universe has yet more in store for her?

What if ‘soap karma’ is about to come a knockin’ on Elena’s door in a way she would never, ever imagine? We certainly had to wonder if that might be the case when a curious thing happened during a conversation on Crimson Lights’ patio…

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To recap, Elena seems to have accepted that Devon is moving forward with Amanda, however painful that may be, and appears to have regrets about trying to rekindle that flame at the cost of a possible future with dashing doctor Nate. And while Nate still clearly has feelings for Elena, he’s rather firmly closed the door on the idea of a second chance given his lingering mistrust. She, meanwhile, nixed his proposal to go back to being ‘buddies’ and that has left them in a bit of a spot.

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Enter Lola, Elena’s bestie, to try and play cupid. After giving Elena a pep talk, Lola sat down with Nate to feel him out about possibly giving her roomie another shot. But lo and behold, when Nate opened up about what he hopes to find in a future mate… it sounded a lot like the person sitting right across from him. Lola, who was also burned by her ex-husband Kyle having feelings for someone else, could totally relate to Nate’s desire to land someone loyal who he could fully trust.

It was during this scene, watching the subtext between Nate and Lola, that we began to think about how right these two seemed for one another… and how utterly blindsided Elena would be if the object of her affections fell for her bestie, and/or if her bestie fell for her former flame. We like it messy, but whew!

Lola, Elena Y&R

Would Lola put Elena’s happiness above her own?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Sasha Calle was cast as Supergirl in The Flash and is about to start filming, and while that doesn’t mean Lola will be leaving forever, indulging in a night of passion with her best friend’s man might be the guilt-inducing act that sends the chef running for the hills — or Miami — for an extended visit.

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Do you think Nate and Lola will realize just how right they are for one another? Will they end up fighting an attraction to spare Elena anymore pain? Or will they give in, sending Lola off the canvas and leveling the playing field between Nate and Elena?

Join the conversation in the comment section below after learning more about Nate’s family history through the Winters and Barber family photo gallery below.

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