Sharon, Rey marriage fan opinion YR
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Young & Restless viewers’ have strong opinions on Shey’s marriage, which range from the outspoken to the humorous.

After Young & Restless posted a preview in which Rey is ready to walk out on Sharon, fans of the number one daytime soap jumped into the comments to have their say — and they were not shy about expressing their thoughts when asked, “Is Shey officially over?”

It’s been a rough couple of weeks in Sharon and Rey’s marriage since his poisoning, as Sharon once again found herself between a rock and a hard place, aka, caught between her loyalties to her current husband and her former husband. For our money, Sharon appeared to “choose” Adam when she decided to lie to Rey about whether or not he’d contacted her. But she later backtracked by pointing Rey in Adam’s direction. Where that leaves us — and their marriage — is in a bit, okay, a lot of a mess.

Rey, who already suffered the pain and humiliation inflicted by divided loyalties in his first marriage to Mia, is ready to call it a day… and some viewers don’t blame him.

Others find Rey’s approach to the relationship a little overbearing, what with the constant questioning and ultimatums, and would like to see him follow through on his threats to move out of Sharon’s house… and her life.

Some viewers are hopeful that Sharon and Rey’s marriage will end because they simply believe it never should have happened in the first place, and that it has been a disaster from the get-go.

Of course, there are also viewers who are hoping Sharon and Rey will work through their differences and stay together.

And finally, there were the fans who had a more humorous take on Sharon and Rey’s situation…

Where do you stand on the issue of Rey and Sharon’s marriage on Young & Restless? Join the conversation in the comment section below after browsing photos of Sharon and Rey’s New Year’s Eve wedding in the gallery below.

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