Rey disbelief Sharon Y&R
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Trouble in paradise.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of April 19 – 23, it could be the end for Sharon and Rey. Read on for more details!

Adam has been coming between Rey and Sharon even before they said “I do.” Sharon’s decision to try and help Adam work through his childhood demons, and then a kiss between the two plastered all over social media, sent Sharon and Rey into therapy to fix their marriage. Now Sharon’s devotion to helping prove Adam innocent in poisoning her husband has pushed Rey beyond his limits. He already told her that he would be moving out when Faith was better, and now that she’s out of the hospital, perhaps that is what has pushed him to declare to her that he can’t stay another night in Sharon’s home.

In this preview, Rey and Sharon have to tell the ones they love that the marriage might be broken beyond repair. Angry, Rey declares he’s leaving, and Sharon wonders if it is for now, or forever. Nobody would blame the guy if he chose the latter! Given that Sharon couldn’t stay away from Adam before they were married, it might be for the best that these two separate until Sharon works out her issues… make that obsession, with Adam.

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How will this affect Sharon and her family? Faith is already in enough trouble as is, and this could cause her to act out even further. And will Sharon finally admit it is Adam who she’s really wanted to be with this whole time? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments!

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