Summer, Kyle trouble Y&R
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Tara and Ashland are stirring up trouble.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of April 19 – 23, several in Genoa City are facing their worst fears this week. Read on for the scoop!

Over Sharon’s obsession with her ex, Rey finally reached his breaking point and told Sharon that he’d be moving out as soon as Faith was better. Well, Sharon must make another huge blunder because she’s stunned when Rey refuses to stay another night in her home! We actually think he’s not bluffing, and this marriage really is over… paving the way for Sharon and Adam to possibly reunite. Though Faith and Nick might have something to say about that!

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Ever since Kyle confessed to Summer about his affair with Tara, and that her son Harrison was also his son, she’s been worried. She even had a nightmare that Kyle left her for Tara and the boy. Though Kyle swore he was committed to Summer, and they decided to get engaged again, Summer can’t help but worry when she walks in on Kyle meeting with Tara. We can’t help but think Summer should be right to worry, and Tara has come to confirm Kyle’s worst fears about Ashland knowing the truth.

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Finally, last week Ashland refused to play ball with Victor and sold his company to Victoria. But can she trust that it’s a sealed deal? We doubt it! Swigging booze, Ashland gleefully tells Victor that his company is no longer on the market, but then collapses in what appears to be a heart attack. Is it a heart attack, or something more sinister like poisoning?

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