Jack, Phyllis, Sharon, Ashland, Adam collage Y&R
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Whether for good, or just for now, these Young & Restless pairings need to make like a banana and split.

Rey Rosales and Sharon Newman

Though it’s still new, Rey’s marriage to Sharon is already past its expiry date; there are some viewers who would say it never should have happened at all. How many ultimatums is Rey going to issue before he finally realizes Sharon is never going to cut Adam out of her life? The choices she keeps making are speaking much louder than her words — screaming in fact. Sharon may love Rey but, arguably, she’s still in love with Adam. Rey really should cut his losses and end the marriage… or maybe Sharon should be honest and let him go.

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Jack Abbott and Sally Spectra

Sally admitting she’d been blackmailing Summer with sensitive information about his son Kyle’s past should have been enough for Jack to throw in the towel. Who listens to someone they’re dating confess to that plus faking a terminal illness and kidnapping someone, and then decides they merely need to ‘slow things down’? It’s particularly incredible considering Jack’s experience with the likes of Phyllis, Patty, Diane, Kerry, et al. While Sally isn’t to blame for everything, and trouble does seem to find her despite her best efforts, nonetheless, the red flags should have Jack running for the hills.

Ashland Locke and Tara Locke

A shrewd businessman who never forgets a face, Ashland Locke is soon going to put two and two together (if he hasn’t already) and realize that his son Harrison could be a product of his wife Tara’s affair with Kyle Abbott. Given he’s not known for being the forgiving sort, we expect his marriage to become a casualty in fairly short order. And we’re okay with that, because not only could the aftershock shake up Kyle and Summer’s relationship and provide some drama, it frees up Ashland to get involved with someone else in Genoa City… might we suggest Victoria, who’s desperately in need of a diversion?

Tara Locke Y&R

Will Tara become a liability for Ashland?

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Adam Newman and Chelsea Newman

If Adam forgives Chelsea and takes pity on her after she brazenly poisoned someone and to frame him for attempted murder, we’ll just throw up our hands. Regardless of how their nefarious pasts stack up, it wouldn’t make sense for them not to end after this… at least for now. A split would also free them up for storylines with other characters and give us a break from watching them live in the bubble of the penthouse doing nothing but worrying about who’s against them.

Chelsea smile Y&R

Chelsea’s entirely too happy about sending Adam to the slammer.

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Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers

They might not be there yet, but it’s almost eerie how long these two have been getting along; we keep waiting for the shoe to drop every time they have a disagreement. Working at their relationship has been a cool twist, but Phyllis is starting to scheme again and Nick’s getting judge-y and hypocritical again (it’s okay for him to be up in Sharon’s business, but Phyllis should leave Jack alone because he’s an adult — puhleese), so it may only be a matter of time. Even a little shake-up would make them more interesting… we wouldn’t say no to a situation developing between Sally and Nick, and Phyllis retaliating by way of flirting with a suddenly-single Ashland Locke.

Which of these couples would you like to see split up… or stay together? Are there other pairings you think should end? Let us know in the comments after checking out photos of soap couples that shouldn’t have worked, but did.

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