Ashland plays game YR
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Adam is running out of time.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of April 12 – 16, Ashland looks to finally decide where his company goes, and Amanda faces Victor. Read on for more details!

Amanda agreed to defend her biological grandfather Sutton Ames, who is being accused by a reporter of having her biological father killed. Some digging led Amanda to discover her father was very career-driven and had unconcerned a possible unethical financial connection between Sutton and someone at Newman Enterprises. When Amanda looks to Victor for answers, he becomes curt with her and issues a warning. Victor isn’t foolish enough to risk his business by doing something illegal, but we bet he may be covering for someone close to him who did!

Billy turned down an offer to team up with his ex Victoria to try and convince Ashland Locke to rethink selling his company to Victor and Adam. Billy made his own pitch to Ashland that selling to any of the Newmans would only lead to more waring between them and less focus on the company. Well, Ashland seems to know he has Billy and Victoria right where he wants them, and taunts them with a game of chance, pun intended, to see who gets his company. We wonder if he has any intent to sell it at all and is just toying with everyone involved?

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Sharon has been keeping Adam’s whereabouts a secret while she tries to help him prove his innocence in poisoning Rey, and that it was Chloe and Chelsea who framed him. Unfortunately not only are Chloe and Chelsea on to Sharon and Adam’s teaming up together, but Rey has realized that Sharon has been in contact with Adam. He was aghast when Sharon even defended his innocence. Somehow he learns Adam’s whereabouts and goes to arrest him. When all is said and done, we think it’s only a matter of time before it’s Rey and Sharon’s marriage that’s going to pay the ultimate price.

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