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Has Victoria picked a fight she cannot win… over a man she should not want?

Victoria was visibly shaken by not winning the bid for Cyaxares to Victor and Adam, but it didn’t take her long to see the golden opportunity afforded by Adam’s misfortune and suggest a partnership with (who else?) Billy, in order to try and wrest the coveted company away from her father.

But the surprises kept coming for the cool-as-a-cucumber executive, as Billy unexpectedly elected to take the more altruistic path of turning down her offer in favor of continuing to enjoy Lily’s, er, favors. Victoria was stymied again. Or was she?

Billy did manage to put a bug in Ashland Locke’s ear about the possible negative effects of Adam’s tarnished image on his beloved Cyaxares, and it just might have worked. Upcoming Young & Restless spoilers hint that Victoria and Billy compete for a second chance, which presumably means they’ll be getting another crack at the company named after the ancient king of media (no, really!).

Something tells us that Victoria isn’t about to lose twice. However, once the high of the victory wears off, she’s going to find herself majorly on the outs with her powerful dad, who has proven many times in the past to be ruthless when crossed. Rub a little ‘Billy Boy Abbott’ salt into that wound and you have a recipe for disaster.

Victor recently became aware of Victoria’s efforts to team with the much-loathed Billy Boy and confronted her over it. In fact, after calling her out for wanting to reconcile with her ex-husband, (which, to be fair, makes sense to no one), Victor made a veiled threat: he called into question Victoria’s good judgement; the very reason he installed her in the CEO position at Newman Enterprises, and warned her to fix it.

Is there anyone among us who can’t imagine Victor yanking the CEO chair out from under Victoria’s behind if she has the audacity to go after — and win — Cyaxares Media? It’s a power move that would effectively take the newly-acquired company right back from her given it would be under the Newman umbrella. He might even go on to install a freshly exonerated Adam into the vacant position just to add insult to injury.

However it shakes out it, it’s certain to be a battle that will threaten to tear this family apart. We don’t envy Nikki her position as family peacekeeper at all!

Do you think Victor will remove Victoria as CEO of Newman Enterprises? Or will she find a way to best her father at long last? See photos of Amelia Heinle as Victoria Newman in the gallery below.

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