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Will Lauren fire Sally… or take a more unorthodox approach to end the in-fighting?

When Phyllis asked Lauren to transfer Sally to the new Fenmore’s store in Los Angeles it set off alarm bells for her shrewd pal. By the time Lauren made it back to the Jabot boardroom she’d come to the realization that something was still going on behind-the-scenes between Sally and Summer and decided to confront the former…

Upon demanding the details from her junior marketing executive, Lauren got, well, a version of the truth, but with some significant omissions. Though Sally played off her role as simply gathering information as ‘insurance’ against Summer using what she knows about her, her boss pulled no punches and labeled it blackmail. Disappointed in the younger redhead, Lauren stormed off to contemplate her next move, which we figure could go one of two ways…

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Lauren’s been wholly transparent with Jack up to this point and promised to update him on any new developments, and we don’t see that changing. Young & Restless spoilers tell us that Lauren will deliver bad news to Jack, which is likely when he’ll learn that Sally’s been blackmailing Summer. He may also find out that Lauren plans to fire Sally… but what fun would that be?

If there’s a twist in this story, it may be that Lauren doesn’t fire Sally. Nonetheless, she will have to take action to end the rift between Summer and Sally if they’re to continue working together. Teasers assure us Lauren will make a bold move, so we’re wondering if she’ll take a page from Jack’s playbook and force Summer and Sally to work together at Jabot Collective. Lord knows that plan of attack didn’t work out for Kyle and Theo, and this could likewise be a disaster, but perhaps Sally and Summer would surprise everyone — not least of all themselves — by discovering they make a great team.

Summer, Sally, Lauren work together Y&R

“Make it work, girls.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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