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Once again gripped by the need to best Adam, is Billy set to risk it all?

Billy’s whole demeanor has spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e since his company, Chancellor Communications, lost out on the bid for Ashland Locke’s media division, Cyaxares. Suddenly, the Young & Restless gambler-who-doesn’t-learn-from-his-past-mistakes has that old familiar frantic air about him — he’s pacing, sweating, talking fast, his hair is askew… but mostly it’s just that he’s like a dog with a bone. Yes, we all know the signs of a Billy spiraling out of control well.

Adding fuel to the fire of his burning desire to acquire Cyaxares is the reality that not one, but both, of his nemeses — Adam and Victor — teamed for the winning bid and have made little secret of their intention to weaponized it against him and Chance Comm in retaliation for the exposé he did on Adam previously.

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There are already cracks showing in Billy’s promise to Lily not to go behind her back ever again, as he reached out to Locke without telling her and went to Jack seeking funding. Despite being denied on all fronts and chastised by his business partner and lover, he still couldn’t let it go. Enter Victoria, with the idea that they should team up to try and convince Ashland to sell to them. Oy.

Billy is unlikely to get Lily’s cooperation in the plan, so will that be the end of it? We think not. Once he gets that glazed look in his eye it’s like a switch had been flipped; Billy believes he has it all figured out and will convince himself that Lily will see the ingenuity of his power move after the dust has settled. After all, when he published his story on Adam against her wishes she later conceded it had been a good move for their company.

Given that Adam’s been accused of poisoning Rey and is currently on the run, Billy’s plan to undermine him will undoubtedly involve running a story on his sworn enemy’s latest alleged crime. What better way to not-so-subtly let Locke know his faith in Team Victor and Adam was misplaced?

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The problem? If Billy jumps the gun and publishes yet another piece behind Lily’s back, it isn’t likely to turn out as well as it did last time considering Adam has been framed. Once that’s revealed, it will leave Billy, Lily, and Chance Comm with egg on their proverbial faces — and worse — facing the wrath of not only Victor and Adam, but very likely the Locke Ness Monster as well.

Would Billy really take such a risk again? After all, it could not only cost him Lily, but also the company they’ve built together. Unfortunately, there’s a very good possibility that’s exactly what’s coming as Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Victor will retaliate against Billy. What else would he be retaliating against other than Billy bringing it to Ashland’s attention that Adam’s on the lam and accused of attempted murder, in an effort to scuttle the deal?

Teasers also hint that Lily will give Victoria a reality check in the near future. It could be that Lily will blame Vikki’s recent visit to Chance Comm for pushing Billy to make an ill-advised move. Or perhaps she’ll just call her out for using the partnership concept as another means of working her way back into his life. If that was Victoria’s goal — consciously or unconsciously — Billy will have played right into her hands by making an impulsive move that Lily cannot forgive.

What do you think Billy’s next move will be? Do you think Lily will stand by him if he goes behind her back again? Let us know in the comment section after checking out photos from Billy and Victoria’s love story over the years in our gallery below.

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