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Could Abby’s husband be coming home sooner than later?

When The Young and the Restless’ Donny Boaz announced in late January of 2021 that he’d been let go as Chance, he added that his character “was not being replaced or killed off.” But that was then, and this is now.

And now, the CBS soap is scouting around to fill a new role, according to Soaphub — one that sounds a whole lot like Abby’s husband. Derek, as he’s reportedly called in the casting notice, is a thirtysomething white guy — “all-American… incredibly attractive and physically fit… 

“He’s a playful, roguish adventurer,” the description continues. He “has seen enough to be jaded but [is] strong enough to remain at heart an optimist. Tough-minded when he needs to be, yet isn’t afraid to show his emotions to get his point across.”

If that doesn’t sound like Chance, who does it sound like, right?


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Making us even more suspicious is the fact that the chosen actor wouldn’t have to start work until later this year — in other words, right around the time that bride Abby’s baby-making project would be well and truly underway.

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What do you think? Does Derek sound like Chance to you — or maybe the show is just planning to introduce someone new for Victoria? On your way to the comments to weigh in, stop off at the below photo gallery to consider 10 actors that we think might have what it takes to tackle the part that was originated by John Driscoll.