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The twist that will bring Chelsea’s revenge plot to an end she never saw coming.

It was a twist we saw coming back in February — Faith would land in some sort of life-threatening peril as a result of her troubles and Adam would save her life. Not only would it bring him some sort of redemption for his past transgressions, it would go a long way to helping him gain some sort of acceptance among Sharon’s loved ones. So, now, while the pathway to a reunion with his former wife is still littered with complications, it’s certainly been paved…

Our first clue that Adam was the mysterious stranger who rushed Faith to the hospital was that he happened to be out in the night on the run at the same time Faith wrecked. More obvious still was how thick the writing laid it on about the debt of gratitude owed to the Good Samaritan. It was enough to have viewers either rolling their eyeballs or snickering, especially picturing Nick and Rey’s reactions should they eventually learn it was none other than Adam who rode to the girl’s rescue.

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While Sharon is pre-occupied with Faith’s condition right now; particularly heartbreaking given how closely it parallels the way she and Nick lost Cassie, chances are she will be the one Adam looks to for help in clearing his name in light of Chelsea having framed him for poisoning Rey.

Rey’s tunnel-vision is unlikely to allow him to consider that Adam was set-up, even if he learns he was the person who rushed to Faith’s aid. Sharon, on the other hand, had great difficulty believing Adam was the culprit from the beginning, and assuming Faith recovers, will almost certainly take on the task of exposing Chelsea’s revenge plot. Especially once she learns that Chelsea pulled her into it via the text messages she sent from Adam’s tablet.

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We’re here and ready for Sharon to butt heads with Chelsea, and possibly Chloe, who managed to wind up as her bestie’s accomplice, but it would also be terrific if Sharon enlisted Nick’s help. What a twist if Nick were the one to expose Chelsea’s ruse and clear Adam after all his rage-y diatribes against his half-brother. He’d just hate it.

Sharon proving Rey’s theory about Adam wrong will probably spell the end of their marriage given they’ve had problems all along because she still loves him, and although Adam understands how Chelsea thinks, it’s unlikely their relationship will withstand her betrayal either. In fact, if her ‘foolproof’ plan backfires in the worst way imaginable — by leading to an Adam and Sharon reunion — there’s every possibility she’ll lick her wounds, regroup, and strike again.

However it shakes out, it’s hard to imagine Sharon and Adam not ending up together at some point in this, as it’s been a long time coming and, as a bonus, the actors can share intimate scenes since Sharon Case and Mark Grossman are an item off screen.

How do you see this playing out? Let us know in the comment section after checking out photos from Sharon and Adam’s love story in our gallery below.

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