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The time has never been better for a vet-centric plotline.

For ages now, we’ve been scratching our heads at Young & Restless’ seeming refusal to give fans something they’ve literally been begging for: a storyline for Doug Davidson’s Paul. But this week, a single scene and a simple conversation gave us hope that maybe, just maybe, someone at the soap has been listening to not only the audience but maybe even us.

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You’ll recall that a while back, we decided that if for some reason the folks at Young & Restless couldn’t come up with an idea as to what to do with Paul, we’d help them out. We came up with not one but five different storylines featuring the much-loved top cop and suggested that, as we’re nothing if not helpful, the show was welcome to use them as they saw fit.

While we’re pretty sure our ideas went unnoticed, we couldn’t help but get a little excited by a conversation Lauren and Michael had while sitting at Crimson Lights. “I knew things would get crazier once you became D.A. again,” sighed Lauren, “and I know you have some high-profile cases as well, but let’s not forget about the wifey!”

She went on to remind the silver fox that he owed her a much-promised, long-delayed Hawaiian getaway. “I want you all to myself,” she teased. “No phones, no Internet. I want warm beaches, starry nights and nothing on your to-do list but me.”

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As playful as Lauren was, just beneath the surface lurked a sadness indicating that perhaps Michael’s long hours were starting to become a real issue. The exchange left us remembering that among our storyline pitches last year was one in which both Lauren and Paul found themselves at loose ends thanks to the schedules of their respective spouses, Michael and Christine.
And if history has taught us anything, it’s that a bored Lauren is an easily-led-astray Lauren. There’s a whole lot of history between the formerly-wed Paul and Lauren, so it’s not hard to picture them starting to spend time together, just as friends. Heck, Michael and Christine might even encourage them to do so.
“Honey, I’m slammed right now,” Michael might say. “Why don’t you see if Paul wants to go to the show with you tonight? I know Christine is busy, too.”
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“What are friends for?”

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It would start simply, innocently, as these things so often do. Then late one night, over cocktail-fueled reminiscing, a kiss is shared. They laugh it off, tell themselves it was just a caught-up-in-the-memories thing. After all, they love their significant others…
Would they allow things to go further? That, we suspect, would definitely have viewers tuning in tomorrow. What about you? Could you go for an emotionally complex story about two couples at a crossroads? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then relive the life and times of Paul Williams (so far) via the photo gallery below.