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The Daytime Emmy winner opens up about her real-life relationship and how it blended into her reel life.

She’s played The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Collins Newman Rosales — with a few other married names swapped in and out over the years — since 1994. But did you know that before that, in 1991, she had a role on the popular series Beverly Hills 90210? The actress recently joined fellow alums Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Tori Spelling (Donna) on the 90210MG iHeartRADIO podcast to talk about her role as Darla — and drop some juicy daytime tidbits to boot.

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After discussing how she booked her first episode of 90210, and was disappointed that she didn’t get to work with the core cast, Case recalled her excitement at later getting to tape with Ian Ziering (Steve). From there, talk turned to her CBS soap-opera role, and Case shared some behind-the-scenes scoops, like the fact that there are no craft services, to which Spelling joked with her co-host, “That’s why they’re so in shape.” Case then revealed that no one brings actors their scripts and that “you’re printing your own.” Case compared daytime to theater in the respect that “there’s a lot of things we take care of ourselves.”

The stars are also still following quarantine guidelines, so no touching and continuing to stand six feet apart. However, if you’re in scenes with someone that you also happen to be quarantining with in real life, “which happens to be the case with me, we can touch or kiss.”

Fans who follow Case know that she and co-star Mark Grossman (Adam) have been a couple for some time now, and the actress again confirmed it to Garth and Spelling. When it came to making their relationship public, Case explained, “We’ve never really talked about it so bluntly… The reason why we finally mentioned it to the studio is… just so that we wouldn’t have to distance… in case the show wanted to write us in scenes together.”

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Listen to the full podcast above to hear more about how things run on the soap, where they are “being so careful,” compared to other sets in primetime, and more.

Case and Grossman surely do keep us entertained on a daily basis with their characters, who have had many highs and lows, so take a look at our gallery featuring photos of Sharon and Adam’s tortured love throughout the years.

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