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History is repeating itself.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of March 28 – April 2, Nick and Sharon find themselves in a situation they’ve been through before, and one no parent ever wants to be in, especially twice!

Ever since Billy ran his revealing exposé on Adam, which brought up Faith’s kidnapping as a baby, Faith has found herself the target of bullies hiding behind anonymous text messages. Her one friend throughout has been Jordan, an older girl she met at school, and one who started pushing Faith into bad habits such as drinking and stealing.

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After Faith was found hunger over one too many times and suspended for bringing alcohol to school, Nick and Sharon became increasingly concerned about their daughter. Of course, she swore she wasn’t a teenage alcoholic and was furious when they got her grandmother Nikki, who is an alcoholic, involved in an intervention. Sharon’s own marital troubles and Rey ending up in the hospital poisoned have also been increasing pushing Faith to her breaking point, which apparently she reaches this week.

We already know from another preview that Nikki discovers Faith stole a bottle of alcohol and the teen tears down the road with blood-red eyes. In this latest preview, we see history repeating itself with Nate delivering the news to Sharon and Nick that their daughter was in a serious accident.

As they’ve done before, Sharon and Nick come together to pray for their daughter. You will recall they lost Cassie in a similar situation. Underage and without a license, Cassie drove a drunk Daniel Romalotti home from a party but crashed the car. Though she appeared to be okay, Cassie later succumbed to internal injuries she suffered in the accident. Nick and Sharon have both feared history could repeat itself with Faith, and now their worst nightmares appear to be coming true.

Nick and Sharon stay by Faith’s bedside and pray she wakes up and they don’t lose another daughter. Could Faith’s situation be a catalyst for bringing Sharon and Nick back together? Of course, that would further complicate Sharon’s life, as her husband, Rey is already jealous of her inability to distance herself from her other ex Adam.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Will Faith pull through? Do you want a Shick reunion to come from this storyline? Or do you see events unfolding in a different way?

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