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Her mother’s big ask could leave Amanda facing the decision of a lifetime… and justifiably conflicted.

It takes a lot of nerve to show up on the doorstep of the daughter you, rather unapologetically, abandoned as an infant and ask for a favor, but that’s exactly what Naya did this week on Young & Restless. Despite the fact that the woman won’t even acknowledge Amanda’s existence publicly because it might harm her family’s image, she had the audacity to approach her for help… on behalf of that same family, no less.

Naya told Amanda it was an emergency, and while Amanda’s a lawyer, it’s unlikely it’s legal help the well-connected political family needs, as they’d undoubtedly have a team of attorneys at their disposal.

It’s possible the scandal of Amanda and Hilary’s birth and the cover-up has come to light and Naya needs Amanda to leap in to help spin the story in a favorable way. If that’s the case, here’s hoping Amanda tells her to get lost — immediately.

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We figure the most likely possibility is that Naya’s there looking for a body part. Ghoulish, yes, but hear us out. When a person gets ill and needs bone marrow or an organ transplant, often the only means of securing a successful donor is by finding a family member who is a match.

Given that Amanda is a family member and that Naya would be out of line to ask her long-lost daughter for much of anything else, we can only assume that Naya is desperate. As desperate as only a mother can be… Could it be Imani, who treated Amanda horribly, whose life is on the line?

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If so, that presents quite the quandary for Amanda, particularly if she’s being asked to say, give up a kidney for the mean girl. Sure, kidney transplants are a soap staple and a great way to redeem yourself to boot (just ask Bold & Beautiful’s Felony Flo), but going through life with one kidney is a big deal and presents a certain level of risk. One that Amanda may be reluctant to take for Imani.
Amanda, Imani Y&R

Imani might be regretting how she treated Amanda right about now…

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Amanda may view such a request from Naya with resentment — after all the previous insults she’s suffered, she’s now willing to put her at risk to save the daughter she loves. And yet, it’s almost certainly a decision that would bring Amanda the acceptance from the family that she may want.

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