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Is a truly bonkers twist about to rock the cop’s world?

Now that The Young and the Restless‘ Elena and Nate have determined that Rey was poisoned, things are about to get tricky for Sharon, her husband and the man she can’t stop thinking about. “Rey immediately assumes it was Adam who did this to him,” previews the detective’s portrayer, Jordi Vilasuso. “The evidence points him in that direction.”

Now, the actor says that while “Rey is grateful to have survived, he’s more determined than ever to deal with the Adam problem. As far as he’s concerned, Adam has given Rey everything he needs to take him down.”

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Rey also hopes that perhaps this latest turn of events will finally open Sharon’s eyes. “It’s such a violation,” says Vilasuso. “He’s like, ‘Do you see what a horrible human being Adam is, that he would come into our home and do something like this?'”

Sharon, however, may not be so easily convinced. “She can defend Adam all she wants,” says Vilasuso. “At this point, I think it becomes sort of a cat-and-mouse game. But Rey also can’t help wondering if there’s something more going on.”

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Such as? “Rey is a cop, and in that line of work, you encounter a lot of awful scenarios,” he says. “I’ve gotten to know several police officers in my lifetime, and some of the stuff they tell you is chilling. So while Rey is 99 percent sure that Adam is behind this, he has to take every possibility into account.”

Including, as it turns out, the unthinkable. “In his gut, he doesn’t believe that Sharon could be responsible,” Vilasuso says, “but he’s also thinking, ‘God, I hope she’s not colluding with Adam and turning on me like something out of a Dateline episode.’”

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Who do you think is responsible for Rey’s poisoning? Will what happens next finally drive a wedge between Sharon and Adam… or bring them closer together? Share your theories in the comment section, then remind yourself of the incredible, often unbelievable, journey that Sharon’s been on since first she was introduced via the photo gallery below.