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Kyle will face a battle that may cause him to lose everything… including Summer.

From the moment Ashland Locke witnessed his wife’s argument with John Abbott’s grandson at the Grand Phoenix just before leaving Genoa City, Young & Restless viewers knew it was only a matter of time before Kyle and Tara’s secret came out. (Only on a soap would two former lovers claiming to have just met decide to hash out their issues in the lobby of the hotel where the husband is due any second.)

Ashland made a point of saying he never forgets a face, so by the time they’d boarded their private jet, he’d probably already recalled that Kyle was attending parties in the Hamptons a few years ago. Three years to be exact, which just happens to be the age of his young son, Harrison. Theo very quickly put the pieces together and so will Locke.

After receiving a nervous phone call from Tara, who warned Kyle that something was amiss with her hubby after a silent flight back to New York, the already-on-edge Abbott was then faced with Sally needling him about his past. Sally hit a nerve with her pointed remarks about Tara — particularly when she observed that Kyle would still be with the woman he shares a son with if she weren’t married. Kyle’s reaction suggested that Sally was correct.

Since nothing happens without a reason on soaps, we can therefore infer that trouble is ahead for Summer and Kyle, and that his feelings for Tara will come into play. That phone call also told us all we need to know about what Tara’s next move will be when things hit the fan.

Summer, Kyle trouble ahead Y&R

Will Summer realize Kyle still has feelings for Tara?

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While Kyle may be devoted to Summer, her insecurities, finally put to rest where Lola was concerned, are bound to resurface if Tara and young Harrison are thrust into their lives. After all, who else but Kyle and the Abbotts will Tara turn to for help when Ashland discovers the truth?

Kyle’s protective instincts will undoubtedly kick in, and he may wind up feeling torn between his feelings for Summer and the prospect of having a life with his past love and their son. Even if Tara and Harrison don’t wind up on his doorstep, Kyle will have to protect himself, his relationship with Summer, and his family’s company against the Locke Ness Monster — either way he’s in for a battle that may cause him to lose everything… including Summer.

Of course, we think Ashland will toy with Kyle first. How do you think it will play out?

Flash back to Kyle and Summer’s engagement in Chancellor Park in the gallery below.

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