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“We’re going to see a different side of” Sharon’s husband, the Emmy winner promises.

Even before The Young and the Restless’ Rey and Sharon tied the knot, Adam was a threat to their relationship. “At this point, it’s almost ego-driven,” says the cop’s portrayer, Jordi Vilasuso. “Rey believes not only that he’s the better man for Sharon but that she truly loves him.”

And yet, time and again, she’s run to Adam’s side. “Rey understands that Sharon has a very big heart,” says the actor. “It’s one of the things that made him fall in love with her. Unfortunately, that big heart has the capacity to forgive and try to understand Adam.

“That worries Rey, even scares him,” he continues. “He wants to get rid of this guy and just doesn’t know what it will take.”

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Experience has taught Rey to look for certain patterns which for some reason his wife isn’t seeing. “Whether it was with his mother, or women he’s come across as part of his police work, he’s seen how manipulators and con men use women to get what they want,” says Vilasuso. “He sees this happening with Adam and wants to protect Sharon from him.”

On some level, Rey hoped the recent therapy sessions he and Sharon underwent might help. “I love what the writers did there, with her being so reluctant despite the fact she’s a therapist,” enthuses Vilasuso. “That’s true to life. We all know what they say about doctors making the worst patients.”

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Also true to life — or fairly close — was the session itself, something the actor knows a little bit about, having been through therapy with wife Kaitlin. “She was watching the episode and remarked on how much the actress playing Sharon and Rey’s therapist reminded her of the one we’ve seen.”

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Vilasuso is quite open when it comes to talking about the role therapy has played in both his life and marriage. “Sometimes, you have situations in which you need help. We had a professional who understood what was going on in our relationship and helped us push through a difficult time,” he admits. “I think it’s important that we all, as a people, be able to talk openly about therapy.

“To me,” he adds, “seeing a therapist should be just like going to see a general practitioner.”

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Next week, Rey will be dealing with doctors of a different sort following his hospitalization. In the wake of a shocking revelation, Vilasuso warns that his alter ego may start to see things in a new light. “He has never been a man who breaks the law or does things which people would consider immoral, but we’re going to see a different side of him,” he previews. “He’s going to be challenged, and we’ll have to see if he will cross the line, and if so, just how far he’ll go.”

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