Naya reaches out to Amanda YR
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Phyllis wants her daughter to spill the beans.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of March 22 – 26, couples are splitting up left and right, and more secrets are being exposed. Read on for the spoilers!

Poor Amanda’s life has been falling to pieces lately. Her birth mother Naya wanted to try and forge a relationship with her, as long as they kept it a secret from everyone, including her family. Then Amanda found out Devon had been lying to her and had been sleeping with Elena on the side, for whom he indicated he had confusing and unresolved feelings. After dumping him, Amanda’s mother resurfaces and needs Amanda’s help because her family, the one who can’t know about Amanda, is in trouble. Will Amanda show her compassion or the door?

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Phyllis, being Phyllis, has been up in everyone’s business as of late. She doesn’t trust Sally’s intentions towards Jack, finds Ashland Locke and his wife Tara suspicious, and this coming week confronts Summer on what she’s hiding. Oh, just the fact that Summer is secretly re-engaged to Kyle, who is the father of Tara’s child that she passed off as Ashland’s!

As Chelsea has been continuing her mysterious plan to destroy Sharon and Adam’s lives, convincing her friend Chloe to help her, Rey has fallen mysteriously sick. Nick tries to reassure Faith that he will be all right, but Faith remains unsure.

Finally, after seeing the texts someone had been sending Sharon from his tablet, pleading with her for a chance to be together, Adam became suspicious. Look for Adam to get a shocking glimpse at Chelsea when she thinks she’s alone and no one is watching!

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