Restless Rant
Week of November 9 – 13:

It’s been a good week on The Young and the Restless – romance, intrigue, business deals, and a few laughs! The show was a little boring in spots – particularly considering this is November Sweeps – but overall it’s a thumbs up. Let’s take a look at what happened:

Chance’s Stabbing: While the stabbing itself was pretty cheesy, and there was no real feeling conveyed that Chance was actually in grave danger of dying, the scenes surrounding Chance being in the hospital were entertaining. I relished the scenes between various characters such as Katherine/Chloe, Nina/Chloe, Nina/Jill, and Nina/Phillip.

Billy/Mac: Great stuff this week as these two realize what we’ve known all along – they have little in common and don’t ‘get’ each other. Sad sack Mac is usually a bummer of a character, but I do enjoy the way she stands up to Billy when she sets her mind.

Billy/Chance/Chloe: Are the writers doing a great job of developing this triangle, or what? When Billy walked in and witnessed the heart-warming scene taking place between Chloe, Chance, and Delia in the hospital room, I didn’t know what to think! While I was loving the interaction with the trio (and Delia’s adorable little hat), my heart instantly broke a bit for Billy, who somewhere deep down surely knows that it should be him in that scenario with Chloe and Delia, but is absolutely lost. While some viewers will have chosen the couple they’re rooting for by now, I’ll admit to being completely torn, and loving every minute these characters are onscreen!

There were some quality scenes with Phillip this week. Thom Bierdz does such a good job portraying Phillip’s struggle to connect, and to fit somewhere within his own family. He’s such a unique character. I was moved when he explained to Chloe why he was buying Chance the “Huckleberry Finn” book, adding that he was worried about the inscription, and she told him that being with Chance was more important. The follow-up scene between Phillip and Chance was also good, as they took baby steps toward reconnecting and Chance told him he could sign the book from ‘Dad’. Character-driven family stuff makes you feel something inside.

Nick’s Office:
The scenes in Nick’s office have been sort of dull. I’m all for business and boardroom intrigue, but the scenes between Jack/Nick, and Nick/Adam give you a feeling of ‘been there, done that’ when you watch them. Not too exciting. Something needs to happen at Newman to capture our attention.

Phyllis: There’s nothing like ‘intense’ Phyllis, and we’ve been treated to plenty of her this week! Sure, Phyllis has mellowed, but that fire is still there. Mama Bear’s claws came out when the woman who very nearly killed her daughter tried to make contact with her this week – not too many mothers would have reacted much differently from Phyllis. And how about her run-in with Deacon? Two hot-tempered redheads in one room – wowza – great scene! But, what I don’t like is how miserable Phyllis is with Daniel and Amber. It totally irks me that she doesn’t support and respect her own son’s decisions, and that she looks down on Amber, since she’s always taken issue with those who look down on her. Anyway, Phyllis is stirring stuff up again, which is always good TV!