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Looking in from the outside, there’s only one direction in which this love triangle can go.

The Young and the Restless’ Devon is zipper-deep in turmoil. He’s involved with Amanda but still now and then hooking up with Elena, the ex who cheated on him with his cousin.

It doesn’t get much messier than that, does it?

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But there’s a $64,000 question begging to be answered — or, given Devon’s gazillions, a $64M question: Which woman is actually right for him?

YR Devon Amanda Elena

Devon and Elena had it going on. They were sweet, intuitive, committed… until insecurity drove her into Nate’s arms. And Devon and Amanda… they came at each other in a roundabout way that allowed him to get used to the fact that she was a lookalike of — and, in fact, the twin sister of — his late wife, Hilary. They had worked to get where they were. They had earned their shot at happiness.

So, who is the right partner for Devon — the sweetheart who feared he could be attracted to a face that reminded him of his past? Or the unknown entity whose smile mirrors the one that always made his heart skip a beat?

For our money, the answer is Elena, given that Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy’s real-life romance makes them a small-screen big deal: the rare couple that can actually kiss on camera. (Revisit their off-camera relationship here.) Beyond that, though, what future would there be for Devon and Amanda? If they got engaged or married, she’d always be living with the knowledge that she was walking the same path as the sister she never got to meet.

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