Victoria hook up Y&R
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What might happen if business gives way to personal pain… and then pleasure.

Victoria went behind her ex-husband’s back to make a deal he badly wants to clinch. Ashland Locke’s wife, Tara, is harboring a secret that is just ready and waiting to come out and send the big bad into his legendary Locke Ness Monster mode. Though Cyaxares is at the center of the business drama currently playing out, the fallout promises to be largely personal and we can’t think of anything we’d love to see more. Picture this…

Billy and Victoria will undoubtedly have a conversation about her making a play for the media company, and chances are Billy will be upset that she interfered in an effort to protect him, because it implies she doesn’t have faith in him. If she were to admit she’s still in love with Billy only for him to shoot her down, it could send her into an emotional tailspin, or leave her angry with herself for showing such vulnerability.

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Meanwhile, there’s a ticking time bomb that goes by the name Kyle Abbott set to detonate in the middle of Ashland Locke’s marriage. It’s only fitting that Locke discover his wife had an affair with John Abbott’s grandson while they’re in Genoa City and he can act out his rage for our entertainment. Tara’s betrayal would leave the big man not only spoiling for a fight, but probably declaring the end of his marriage on the spot.

Should Victoria and Ashland meet up at the Grand Phoenix’s bar still reeling from the aftershocks of their respective disappointments we can only imagine the sparks that would fly, particularly given that he seemed taken with the formidable Ms. Newman during their initial meeting. We all know Victoria loves to work off her frustrations with a wild romp; it’s kind of her M.O., and it’s unlikely Ashland Locke would have any objections to a roll in the hay with the prettiest, er, brains of the Newman family. We think it sounds hot.

Ashland, Victoria, get a room Y&R

It isn’t hard to imagine these sparks igniting.

Credit: CBS screenshot

Would you like to see Victoria and Ashland hook up? Let us know, but first, take a look back on Billy and Victoria’s love story in the photo gallery below.

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