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“I guess I’m an adrenaline junkie!” 

Ask fans of The Young and the Restless to name their all-time favorite Nikki scene, and chances are good they’ll pick the character’s unforgettable first wedding to Victor or perhaps something from the time she faked her death in order to prevent him from ending their marriage. But ask portrayer Melody Thomas Scott, and you’ll get an answer which might just surprise you.

“I seem to like very dramatic, high-stakes scenes,” she told Soap Opera Digest. “Being kidnapped, held hostage, being stalked, etc. I guess I’m an adrenaline junkie!”

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In a way, her response makes sense given that actors are drawn to material which offers the opportunity to stretch themselves. “Though these high-drama situations aren’t necessarily rooted in reality,” she conceded, “I find them to be extremely satisfying to play.”

When it comes to Nikki/Victor scenes, she favors the more dysfunctional aspects of their relationship. “I also love when Nikki and Victor have an emotionally charged fight,” she reveals. “They are very passionate, whether they are loving each other or fighting with each other!

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Asked about some of the lighter material she’s really got into, Scott points to those shared with one of her alter ego’s favorite targets. “While the rivalry between Nikki and Sharon can be very intense, our fight scenes are always so much fun to shoot,” she says. “I particularly enjoyed our fight in the Newman stables, where our director, Mike Denney, pretty much let us do whatever we wanted! And who could have guessed that when Sharon talked Nikki into accompanying her down into the Genoa City sewers — complete with live rats — so many years ago, it would create the complicated relationship between two such opposite characters?”

Heck, we’ve enjoyed the love/hate — or maybe more like/hate — relationship between the two women so much they made it into our video of daytime’s best feuds, which you can check out by clicking below.

Now that you’ve heard which scenes Scott picked as her favorites, let us know in the comment section which you’d say are yours. Need your memory jogged — or simply want to relive some classic Nikki moments? Peruse the photo-filled gallery below in which we chart Nikki’s course from stripper to socialite.