Faith mystery texts Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Will the vulnerable teen find herself in a sinister — or merely surprising — situation?

Faith’s teen years quickly ran into rocky ground after the exposé on Adam led to the revelation that she’d been kidnapped as a child. The high school baddies sniffed out the scandal and wasted no time twisting it into a reason to bully Faith. After acting out and experimenting with alcohol, things have settled down recently for our troubled girl, but is this just the calm before the next storm?

Having dealt with her bullies at school by giving her dad their names, something tells us Faith is still unlikely to be embraced by her peers. Her questionable friendship with Jordan is history, and with her home life up in the air as Sharon and Rey try to save their new marriage, and her parents pushing her to take therapy, Faith’s still struggling with a sense of lonesomeness. Of course, there’s one person who has been incredibly supportive of late… the only problem is their identity is unknown.

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Faith began receiving anonymous texts in the difficult period after the photo of Adam and Sharon went public and she outed her bullies. The mysterious texter quickly made it clear they were Team Faith by not only cheering her bravery but rooting for the meanies to get everything they had coming to them. Nothing bad about that, right? We’re not so sure.

Internet warnings about chatting with strangers exist for a reason, and if the communication keeps up, it’s only a matter of time before one party or the other suggests meeting up in person. The idea that Faith, feeling adrift, could decide to go off and meet this unknown person is absolutely terrifying.

We’ve long speculated that Faith will land in a perilous situation and this could certainly lead to one. With Alyvia Alyn Lind filming a new role, Young & Restless may need to make Faith ‘disappear’ for a time.

While the identity compromised communicator could be a harmless admirer destined to become a great gal pal, Faith’s first love, or even a surprising adult close to the situation (Lola? Adam?) who wants to help, as all we all know, there could be a much darker side to this situation that could manifest itself if the anonymous source proves to be a predator who is fooling Faith.

Do you think Young & Restless will have Faith’s storyline take a frightening or surprising turn where the anonymous texts are concerned? If so, how do you think it would play out? Speaking of all things sinister, take a peek at soaps’ hottest villains in the photo gallery below.

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