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This is definitely a family in which creativity runs — and we’re talking deep.

Move over, Annie Leibovitz. There’s a new shutterbug on the scene with an uncanny knack for capturing, if not the essence of the human experience, at very least the irrefutable deliciousness of waffles.

On March 7, Melissa Ordway took to social media to share a sort of impromptu art exhibit, pictures that chronicled her safely social-distanced trip to Waffle House with her and husband Justin Gaston’s two beautiful daughters, Olivia, 4 years old, and Sophie, 3. The Young & Restless star wasn’t the curator, however. This was, as the actress herself put it, “Breakfast. A collection of photos by Olivia Gaston.”

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They’re darned cute, too. You can take a peek via Instagram below.


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As regular readers of — or, for that matter, followers of Abby’s portrayer on social media — are well aware, rare are the days that go by when she doesn’t share an adorable image from her wacky real life with her husband (who played Chance during Abby’s latest wedding) and their moppets. See, for example, Exhibit B below, dropped the day before Valentine’s.

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While you’re here and in an off-screen frame of mind, why not indulge it further by perusing pictures of Ordway’s Toluca Lake home. It’s the next best thing to… well, having ever lived in Ordway’s gorgeous Toluca Lake home.